Monday, March 12, 2012

...finally finished... something

This is not my longest standing work in project - I haven't even really been working on it officially of much more than a week but I have been planning it for almost exactly a year. And it feels like absolutely ages since I have actually finished anything so this is incredibly satisfying.
That isn't even all of them!
This cushion cover is made from 14x14 1.5" finished half square triangles that were the trimmings from the star corners that I had made saved from when I made this quilt over the same long weekend last year. That is 196 HST units and 392 tiny squares of fabric. Why did I think that this would be a quick project when that is more seams than some bed sized quilts have?!?

I trimmed them all to 2" - which in most cases was very little fabric indeed but I ended with with quite a pile of sneeze inducing scraps!

I quilted some zig zags into the white areas - the cushion front is simply the panel on a batting scrap - there is no backing.

I made the cushion back using about 1/2 yard of the central park trees I had and  used this tutorial for a concealed zip back - a slight error means the zipper flap faces the right way or the trees do. I chose the trees.

I love the look of cushions with a piped edge but don't think I do it well enough so this time I tried binding the pillow as I would a quilt and I quite like how it has turned out - with the frame. I might be a convert to this method.

The binding is the leftover quilt binding, the backing some fabric bought for the quilt and never used and the story of the blocks is already told! So in the end I have a 21" square cushion completely from scraps!


Kylie Lloyd said...

What a bright fresh cushion. I love it. Congratulations on your finish.

Richard Healey said...

That looks pretty congrats on your finish.

Monkeysinmypocket said...

That is sooooo cool, I can't believe you cut all those little squares and triangles. I'd get bored after 2!!

Fran said...

That's very inspired! Love it.

Heidi @ Buttons and Butterflies said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!

Lee said...

I just the combination of the whites & brights in this zig-ag design - stunning & beautifully fresh. You've inspired me again!

Kristy said...

Thanks Lee!