Wednesday, March 14, 2012 and tricks #1

Occasionally I stumble across a tip or trick that makes this quicker or better or neater for me. I can't say they are ground breaking or new - except to me when they pop into my brain. If I remember to snap a picture I'll share them with you on a sporadic basis. 

I find that sometimes, especially when I am trimming a little bit off a lot of units or I am cutting pre-cuts with the pinked edges I get a lot of fabric dust on my cutting mat. And it sticks in the tiny marks left by the rotary cutter and doesn't really come way with the swipe of my hand directing it into the bin.

My secret weapon? A small handheld vacuum cleaner, or dust buster. I'm sure a small head on a regular vacuum would be just as good if not a little more cumbersome. I swipes it all up super quick!