Monday, March 26, 2012

...weekend round-up

Remember when I had the list of things to sew this weekend? I totally shocked myself about how much I got done. It went something like this...

Friday night -
Doll nappies
Not having children of my own I don't have a ready supply of model dolls but I did find a genuine  80's version of mine - Zoe - with the punk rockers hair!
Saturday - 
Finish and stuff the embroidered robot softie,
Make a nappy pouch,
Make a doll swaddle quilt,

Sunday -
Make a bear carrier/baby bjorn
Sew a lunch bag, and get frustrated because you mis read the directions so now it isn't as deep as it should be.

Sew some bee blocks

Somewhere in there I also finished appliquéing the back of my Scrappy Stars backing and finally sewed down the binding on my second Sorbetto after unpicking half the neckline only to realise it actually wasn't on the wrong way.

I've still got some curtains to go on a deadline of next weekend (luckily daylight saving ends so I'll have an extra hour) as well as all the other things I've always got half finished in the wings! 
More on these specific projects over the next few weeks.

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