Thursday, October 27, 2011

...WiP Wednesday

This post has no pictures...yet. They are on my camera, but my cord to connect it to the computer is not with me here, as my camera is. It is still Wednesday somewhere so I want to link this up an I'll add the pitures (and probably some more items) later!

So on my sidebar I have these massively long lists of things I am working on, in various stages, want to do and have the fabric or various other materials for (this is the In the Planning list) and things that I want to do but have so far resisted the urge to migrate to the In the Planning list by buying something for it. Some of the things I am working on I am attending to regularly, some I haven't touch for over a year. I don't consider them UFO's because I still plan to finish them. I am just more excited about some of the others at the moment.

But in reality this is not very up-to-date and things tend to jump straight from the 'One Day' list right to the 'In Progress' list or I start and finish things without them ever making it to any list. 

Perhaps a post like this will keep things more up to date for me. Maybe I'll keep the lists on the side and update them as I do these posts, maybe not. I'll see how things progress over time.

This Week (or what I have actively worked on this week)
I've cut out the centres and borders for a Single Girl Quilt - for a little boy. I have read that some people don't like the large enxpanse of solid in this quilt and wondered what it would look like switched. The rings will be solids in the colours taken from the print - though much fewer than 31/36 fabrics in the pattern. That is on the shopping list for tonight.

I've also been cutting Flurry for a 'Curlicue Crush' Christmas Quilt for our bed. It has meant upsizing the pattern so I am adding the outer shapes in Flurry Blue and have used a FQ bundle as well as layer cak sheets, the ones that were duplicate in the pack. Still cutting but I hope to have this on the bed at the beginning of December so I had better keep my nose to the cutting mat.

Quilting is almost there in the Cherish Quilt for do. Good Stitches. The Blocks are outstanding to I have been quiliting in the coloured borders to each of the blocks in complimentary colours. I don't have three I need (who would have thought) so they are on tonights lists as well.

Some more of the solid or unpieced Octagons for the long-term Munki Munki quilt.
I found this container that fits them exactly so that is wonderful - I love a storage solution!

I've also started quilting the Sample Quilt

In the tubs (the 8 projects in my WiP tubs. The WiP's were never supposed to number more than 8 but that didn't work)
Whimsy Hexie Quilt
Curclicue Crush Quilt
Blue and White Quilt
Grey Tone Kaleidoscope
Postage Stamp QA Quilt
X Marks the Pirate Quilt
Farmers Wife QA
BSPDU Quilt - Just waiting on a backing!

New projects (started anything new?)
The Single Girl and Curclicue Crush is new this week.

Finished this week
PJ pants for N

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A-mazing quilt

Try as I might I couldn't think of a less self congratulatory title for this quilt so that is the name it has.

Directions for making it are up on the Moda BakeShop site today.

I almost didn't think this quilt would happen, the first lot of fabric has disappeared in the mail black hole, the replacement took ages to arrive as part of the recent mail delays and when it did arrived I had just got a promotion at work that ate up a lot of my mid-week quilting time for the first few weeks.

But it is done and I was really lucky to be able to take the pictures for the post at Hedgend Maze in Healsville. We got there early in the morning pon one of the lastr wintery weekends when the mist was still rising.

Some of the initial pictures were taken from the lookout (can you believe not every maze has one of these?) and this one is the result of me tossing the quilt onto the edge of the maze. Apparently I thought that the maze was not as far away as it was and it would artfully drape all by itself. Luckily there was a stick nearby to assist with the rescue.

So after the pictures were done we had a game of frisbee golf, mini, golf, a wanter through the maze and a puzzle through the coloured maze.

A pretty great morning, all done by 11:00am!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

...Munki Munki EPP quilt

Because I don't already have enough things on the go I have started cutting my very small Munki Munki stash and EPP 2" octagons.

Some will be "whole" while others will be pieced. I am using papers from Patchwork with Busy Fingers as well as some I make myself for some variation in the pieced octagons.