Friday, March 16, 2012

...stitching by hand and machine

My Scrappy Stares quilt as part of the Scrap Attack Quilt Along is progressing - I am really hoping I can get this top finished in the next week to be able to enter it into the Festival of Scrappiness.

There was a small setback on this yesterday when I dropped four of the basted hexagons on the way to the car in the morning and they were found later in the morning by N - quite possibly having been run over by me but most definitely having been rained on and left to languish in a puddle. I'll need to redo these ones!

I've also been sewing madly for a new arrival due in about a month but likely to arrive a few weeks early. The order of the day this week - a Sleepy Sack from Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings.
Mine looks a little different from the picture as I placed the pattern pieces on the wrong way so the opening is to the right rather than the left!
Overall I'm pretty happy with it but there are some finishing issues I would like to improve in later versions - entirely due to my errors or laziness in constructions.

The outer fabric is a Moda Flannel and the lining a Free Spirit Solid Voile. So soft!

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Tanya said...

So sad :( to hear about your blocks...what you have done so far is lovely.