Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Claire's Quilt - A quilt by do. Good Stitches {a Charity Bee}

Claire’s quilt is on her way to her now.

This quilt was made with blocks contributed by the members of the do. Good stitches {a Charity Bee} on flickr in a break from regular programming. Generally the quilts are designed and blocks joined to tops and quilted and bound by the ‘quilter’ members all of whom are based in the US but I asked and the group agreed to make an exception to normal progress in the face of the natural disaster playing out in Queensland at the time.

Sadly these disasters have become all too common in more recent times.

Inspired by this quilt I asked for Disappearing 9 patch blocks with a white centre in varying sizes, with the tutorial posted here. These were sashed with more white and squared to 19.5” and then sewed together in a 3x5 grid. This has yielded an almost 60” x 90” quilt that is the perfect size of an Australian King Single sized bed (or large couch quilt if that is more Claire’s style).
It is backed in a wide cotton fabric from IKEA and bound with Kona Coal (this gives a nice contrast frame to the front and blends well with the backing.
I have quilted it in a unmarked grid style with each stitching row being about 6” apart (and much straighter than I thought it would be when I started)
It is labelled and dated on the back – label created in Kona Snow with fabric stamping ink and has survived one wash so far.
I am so pleased to have this quilt on the way to a young person that deserves more than most a nice surprise and a metaphoric pat on the back. Since this quilt has been started Claire’s family has had to move house and pressures that predate the flood continue. I hope the arrival of an unexpected parcel cheers her and that she likes the colours and design of the quilt.
I would also like to publicly thank Julie at this point as well. Julie, herself a resident of a flood affected area, wrote an email to Toni from Make it Perfect that inspired the Flood Relief Auctions. When I went looking for a recipient for the quilt Julie, living in the area, was able to find such a person for me. She has also very generously made two extra quilts, one for each of Claire’s younger brothers that will be delivered later this week as well.

So thank you to all the members of the do. Good Stitches {a Charity Bee} and Julie and best wishes to Claire and her family.

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Evelyn said...

You did a wonderful job on this quilt! It was a pleasure to contribute - thanks for the opportunity!