Wednesday, February 2, 2011

do Good Stitches {a Charity Bee} - The Queensland Edition - Claire's Quilt Blocks

This first quilt will be for Claire, and is inspired by this quilt. I am tossing around a few size and layout options but the final decision on this will be made when I have all the blocks here.

The Block: The block is a Disappearing 9-patch, there is a short tutorial below because the block is not difficult but it can be used in many different ways to make very different looking quilts. I'm on a bit of a kick with them lately.

The Size: I have asked for blocks anywhere between 10-16" unfinished (or 9.5-15.5" when sewn into the quilt). I will then sash them with Kona Bone to make blocks up to 18-20" when I get them back. The effect will have the blocks floating.

The colours/fabrics: I have asked for the centre of the initial 9 patch to be made from Kona Bone Snow or white quilters cotton (the reason for this will become clear below) For the other 8 squares I'd like fresh coloured/tone fabric. As an idea I am thinking Nicey Jane from Heather Bailey, Kate Spain's Central Park, Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow, Camille Roskelly's Bliss, Sweetwater Sunkissed. The value of these fabrics will matter more than the colours, think spring. Of course you don't need to use the specific ones mentioned, that is just to give you an idea of the look I am going for. My samples below use one or two of these fabric only but give the same effect.
The execution:
Make a standard 9 patch block. When cutting and planning please remember to place your Kona Bone Snow or white quilters cotton square in the centre. When calculating size for these initial squares know that your completed block will be 1.5" less than 3x(you starting square size).

For example I made one sample block that was 15" unfinished when completed. I started with squares 5.5".

So 5.5"x3 = 16.5"
16.5"-1.5" = 15"

Step 1
Cut 1 square from Kona Bone Snow or white quilters cotton
Cut 8 squares from a variety of print fabric.
To make the size blocks requested these squares can be anywhere from 4" - 5.75" (all your square need to be the same size.

Step 2
Arrange your fabric with the Kona Bone Snow or white quilters cotton  in the centre and the prints around the outside. The squares in the corner will remain uncut in the final block.
Step 3
Sew the squares together, I sew the middle and left squares together from top to bottom by chain piecing and then the right most square to the other side of the centre square.
Step 4
Press the seams to the sides, alternating these left and right so you can nest the seams together when you sew the rows together.

Sew the rows together. Press the seams to one side (I usually do these in the same direction.

Step 5
Cut the block in half vertically then horizontally.

To work out where to cut measure the centre block and divide by 2.

This centre block measures 3.5"
so I measure 1.75" lining up the grid on the ruler with the side seam and the top and bottom seam to keep it square.

Cut vertically
And horizontally, one at a time. 
You will end up with 4 squares.
Step 6:
Arrange these four squares in the layout of the block. The small bone squares should meet in the centres on two square and on opposite top and bottom corners as pictured.
Sew the vertical seams, press seams left and right away from the bone centre, nestle and sew the horizontal seam.

Sashed the outer Bone square will disappear  into the sashing.

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julie said...

This is lovely. Claire will love it. I really like the floating look.