Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sometimes all it takes in an hour....

I really enjoyed making Claire's quilt for her and I have mentioned many times on my blog and earlier on my facebook page that I enjoy crafting for others and I find completing charity projects or collaborative quilts to be enjoyable and personally satisfying way of doing this.

But as you can see on the RHS of the blog I have a VERY long list of things that I have started, have planned or would like to try and there are only so many hours in the day and big projects can get left unfinished.

But sometimes all it takes is an hour (or just over if you keep ducking into the other room at the end to watch the beginning of City Homicide) and a little bit of mess.
These first two blocks were made for Abi from the Bee Seam Piecing Downunder. She very sweetly asked the other members of the bee and I a few weeks ago if we would be willing to make some quilt as you go blocks based on sewtakeahike's tutorial.

She will be adding these to those she receives from another bee she is involved with after forgoing her month and asking for these blocks in return. Of course they went right on the list.

This block is to be included in a playmat quilt for another member of this bee, Kelly, and her yet to be born second child.
Nicole had the wonderful idea and suggested stars of various styles from this tutorial from Silly BooDilly based on a concept by Gwen Maston from Liberated Quiltmaking - the first one.

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