Friday, March 11, 2011

Quilt Along Block 11- The mistake ridden edition

This block almost did me in.

It wasn't particularly difficult. It didn't use any techniques not already used in this quilt. The instructions laid everythig out. And yet at almost every stage I stuffed something up.

On Sunday I swapped the grey check and grey swirls when cutting the fabric (and didn't have extra to fix it). I went with it.

On Monday I pieced the pinwheel, then had to unpick it because I had forgotten to trim the HST units to size (all 20 of them).

On Tuesday I decided it was best to take a break.

On Wednesday I pieced the flying geese units - and realised I sewed the solid grey squares on wrong side to right side..... after I trimmed off the extra. Luckily I could move them to the other side.

You can bet your life I checked everything multiple times when sewing all the units together at the end.

All things considered I think this one turned out alright.

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