Monday, August 16, 2010

A present and a party.

Last week the first daughter of some friends turned one, and as she is also the first child in our close group of friends she has, quite naturally, been spoilt rotten.

Her birthday party, at the weekend, was no exception.

While my friend is a great mum she is no crafter and no baker. In the very helpful words of her mother yesterday, she just doesn't have the patience for it! So, as soon as she announced she was pregnant she asked me if I would make her child's birthday cake and on the weekend I got to do that for the first time.

I love making novelty cakes and have been known to make children's birthday cakes in the past for adults! So during last week I sat down with my Woman's Weekly books to choose a cake.

For any overseas readers you may not be familiar with these Australian tradition books. The one with the train on the cover is now a collectors item and I was lucky enough to be given my copy by my mother when I moved out of home. In the past few years the original has been expanded and revised with the result being the other three pictured.

I made the Blocks cake form the Little Party Cakes book.

We also had a full array of party food, I made some Top Deck cupcakes, Strawberries and Cream cakes and these great icecream cones made from a meringue mix that is spread thinly on a cookie sheet, baked quickly and rolled into shape while still warm.

And didn't I promise presents?
I made this bed for my dog many years ago and slightly ignored the instructions in that I filled with with foam shapes suit to size rather than stuff it with poly fill as was recommended. I'm glad I spent the extra money at the time as it has lasted SO very well.

During a recent trip we took away my dog, Mollie, stayed with these friends. Their daughter thought the Mollie's bed made a great reading couch and Mollie was shooed off. As she got to sleep on a real bed I don't think she minded that much though.

So for her birthday she got a book nook couch of her very own.

Made with
IKEA fabric, and again filled with cut to order foam shapes from the Foam Booth it should be robust enough to take the traffic of the next few years.

Happy Birthday!

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