Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bee Seam Piecing Downunder - August Blocks for Abi

I know it is only just August. And that many of the other Bee participants have not got their packages yet.

But mine arrived on Monday. And I had a really long day and would have started right there and then if I hadn't been just a little bit too tired.

As it was I made these blocks for Abi last night.

Abi's packages came with just the right amount of vinatge sheets and pillowslips pre-cut into 1 3/4" strips to make two 9.5" log cabin blocks.

I really like log cabins and find myself making a version of them often. So I was really excited to make these blocks. I had also never used vintage sheets before.

I had always read about these on blogs and internet posts and heard about people finding stashes in op shops and had thought it was one of those things that was the domain of quilters from America, Canada and Europe. I have really no idea why.

And then came Abi's package from New Zealand with all of these vibrant sheets. And they reminded me of sheets I had slept on at my Grandma and Grandad's house as a child, and sheets at the bottom of the linen cupborad I used to play in at my house (it was a lareg old farmhouse with big cavernous cupboards and not at all as horrifying as it sounds inside the cupboard).

I think the blocks are wonderful and I am especially glad because it is something that I would never have thought to do for myself and that is one of the things I love about Bees.

And then as I climed into my bed after I finished them last night I found myself wondering why we don't have patterened sheets anymore. Is it just fashion do you think? Or something else?

Now I think I might go and enter the giveaway at Simply Solids so I can make some more Log Cabins!

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