Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Hexie Box!

I don't usually have the patience for extended hand sewing. It seems like a good idea to me in theory but I never seem to enjoy actually doing it.

Until I started making little hand sewn hexies, that is.

I think it has a lot to do with having something to see for my efforts. Maybe not a completed project but a happy little stack at the end of the news.

So, in order to have everything to hand quickly I put together this kit in a cheap compartmentalised box from a $2 shop.

I made a little pin cushion to go in one section,

and a little thread and waste bin in another. I have sewed some plastic table cloth in the bin section to make sure things don't get stuck and empty out easily.

I also have a hole punch to for the card stock hexies to make pinning more easy and a mini hair straightener I got free with my last hairdryer. It really helps with making the corners nice and crisp, although I can do without it I'm not near a power point.

Now I need to work out what I cam going to do with all these little hexies....

1 comment:

ferne said...

I love your container! Looks like you thought of everything! I visited your blog from the InStitches link and have enjoyed my visit and your great ideas.