Wednesday, July 18, 2012


A few weeks ago I joined the second round of the Handprinted fabric swap, I also participated in the first round of the swap but I don't think I have ever shared the packages I received so take this as thanks now!

On both occasions I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to have an excuse to print some things. After first learning screen printing at high school and then refreshing my skills in a class from Louise Snook at the Craft Show last year I think I should keep using the skills so I don't lose them.

The inspiration for the prints came from the (old and needing to be replaced!) ironing board cover.
I couldn't work out how to cleanly cut such small spots so mine are a little larger - cut with this great little craft  knife with a turning blade. I was really surprise how neat the edge of the circles were and how close I could get to staying on my drawn line.
Each fat quarter required two stencils - one for each colour printed on it. There are a few technical changes I would make on a future printing adventure but generally I'm pretty happy!
And I came up with these!

And in case you are interested this is what I have received in turn from Alli, Brandi, Katie and Kelley.

Thanks so much to them, and to Leslie for running it again.

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