Friday, July 27, 2012

...DUQS and some thoughts on favourites

I've joined in with the Down Under Quilt Swap on Flickr and as is mostly requested with swaps of this sort there has been a request to make a mosaic to help our secret partner narrow down the sort of thing we would like to receive to help in the planning process.

And as is also mostly the case I've found it difficult. I've always found identifying something 'I like best' difficult - from subjects at schools, to book, to songs, to genres.

I guess my taste is eclectic. And really heavily influenced (as I am sure it is for many) about what is going on within and around me when I form an opinion on something. 

How do I know I like something? - I just do. 

What is it about something that it like? It makes me feel, it could be interest a warm fuzzy or something else all together. 

So partner. with this in mind I've made a few mosaics (because I was having trouble with the internet not because I was categorizing which may have been a good idea, in hindsight) with things I liked this week. I guess looking at these I like textured backgrounds, pieced or turned appliqué, hand stitching. Dare I try to categorize - a modern vintage look?

I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with. Do you have trouble defining your 'type'?


Erica Spinks said...

Are these all photos of your own work Kristy? If not, could you please credit the makers so we can see more of their work?

Kristy said...

None of these are mine, all are in mosaics in my Flickr stream with links in the comments section.

bec said...

That's what put me off this swap, too much pressure to make the perfect item! I like random swaps....cos I like anything!