Sunday, July 15, 2012

...more hexagons

Remember when, almost two years ago, we move to Melbourne and I had grand plans for a hand or EPP project I was going to sew for a week or two in our hotel while we found a house and waited to be able to move in.

How this grand plan was developed on a Friday afternoon, just after the movers left and I raced over to the Remnant Warehouse, my former LQS for one last visit there during the sale. How I bought a couple of template sets and then discovered and bought the rest (I think I have all of them new - and there are more than five) in the set.
These are the three I got done those weeks. These are the only three that I have got done since the wild scheme was conceived. These won't go in the final quilt I don't think. I'm not going to EPP the rest.

Until yesterday that is. I took the templates to the Sit and Sew day yesterday and knocked up a few more, this time by machine.
 They are all Victoria Textiles/Matilda's Own Template sets.
Merry-go-round Option 1
Whirligig Hexagon
Merry-go-round Option 2
Curved Star Hexagon
Merry-go-round Option 2

Hexagon Slices

Hexagon Party

I am hoping to be able to salvage the three original and unpick and resew the others by machine. Another long term project.


Becky said...

Wow! Those are gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

i so want to borrow these templates!!