Sunday, February 26, 2012

...more scrappy stars

In fact I have finished basting all of the shapes and sewing all of the whole star units together. I do still have to go and re-raid the scrap boxes for the half stars but it has been just too hot and stuffy to do anything like that this weekend.
I have worked out the placement of them all - there is one leftover that will make its way onto the backing in some way when I get to that.
For now all these ones are sewn down - more than half. I'm surprising myself at still enjoying the process of this one. I thought the slow and steady nature of it would have done my head in by now.
Just love it - I'm glad I went with hexagon spacers rather than the diamonds - I love the way it makes each of the stars stand out.


Fran said...

Very pretty! If I could ever face more hand sewing after my insanity quilt, I would definitely go for stars!

Cathy said...

love it!!!!

Cynthia@aquilterbynight said...

Very pretty - almost like little flowers! I can't tell whether your background is grey or blue - either way it's nice.

Bearpawquilter said...

Ditto Cynthia's comment. Second and third pics the background came through aqua. Last pic came through light grey. I like the grey better - hope that's the color. Fun quilt.