Monday, January 23, 2012

... truffle

so it turns out that the blog posts that I write in my head in the car on the way to places are much more plentiful than the ones that actually make it onto the blogger page. Turns out that when I get hoe I most often choose to sew rather than blog.

All that means that I have a lot of things completed over the last few weeks and that feeling is really good!. I really like making larger quilts, and complex designs with lots of pieces but that usually means that I have lots of half finished things because I need to take a break from the big projects all the time!

So lots of the finishes over the last week or so have been some smaller things that I have hand sewn on the couch in the evenings and during my lunch break on the slower January school holiday work days.

This little guy is the first of The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Dessert of the Month projects. I held out as long as I could for this one and signed up probably a mere few hours (or minutes) before the end of the special starting price.

My reasoning went something like this - over days and weeks of repetition.
:You have enough to do.
::But you like cross stitch
:But you have so much to do you will not actually sew them
::But you can sew them in the small breaks at work (one of my 2012 plans is to take a break during the work day)
:But what will you do with them when (if) you sew them?

This is where is where it got me. Once I had an answer for that one there was no going back.

So this is the first of series of afternoon tea napkins. It is embroidered on hanky linen - I cross stitched on some 14ct aida that is designed to be pulled apart and taken off when the design is finished.

It isn't perfect - some of the stitches were pulled a little tight and it and messed with the linen weave - a long way from the best I have done (I was a mean cross stitcher in the day).

Can't wait for the next month!

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