Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blogger's Choice Bundle

I have been working on this on and off since Laura posted the competition. Sorting and choosing the fabrics from the computer screen was harder than I thought!

I've come up with this

It is not quite the aesthetic I was going for but I like it just the same, hopefully the judges do too!

1.   Piccadilly Dark Aqua Button Flowers
2.  Treasures and Tidbits Marigold Starbursts and Florals
3.  Riley Blake Designs Daisy Solid
4.   Knock Knock Green Diamond
5.   Bella Solids Grass
6.   Yard Sale Sky Basketweave
7.   Tuxedo Collection Gray Ta Dots
8.   Remix Tangerine Scatter Dots 
9.   Farm Fresh Yellow Plaid
10. Kona Peacock
11. Flora Leaf Flower Lattice
12. Hometown Mist City Streets
13. Folk Heart Blue Gingham
14. I Heart Blue Oval Geo 
15. Sunny Happy Skies Yellow


daisy and jack said...

just saw this post - I'm just in time to join in - thanks soooo much !

Laura said...

Lovely combination - well done!