Saturday, November 19, 2011

...fine for ducks...and quilting

When I was 15 my family and I went on our first (and to date, only) overseas trip as a family travelled the massive distance to New Zealand. Come to think of it it wasn't such a short trip, we were coming from Perth and had top stop over in Sydney making the travel time quite awhile.

But I digress, sort of. At the time my brother must have been about 11 and had a little travel diary that he filled in. At the top of the page were spaces for a whole lot of information that the printers of the diary though essential for the traveller to record but the only stat I remember specifically is where you had to record the weather. I can't remember all the descriptions now but the one for rain was described as 'fine for ducks'. There were a lot of days that little box was ticked.

Today in Melbourne has been wonderful for ducks....and sewing.

So I have made my November blocks for do. Good Stitches Cherish circle. We had free rain this month on the block design but an aqua, orange and grey palette.

This block is Potager by Yvonne and featured in Modern Blocks.
The second is a Cracker Jack rip-off. The centre section of the block is actually a quarter of a block designed by Angela in this tutorial. I was all set to make the whole block until I came to the part where you trim the quarter and confirmed my suspicion that what I had was too big to be trimmed to 6.5". Note to self, read through the whole tutorial before starting in future.
I added the border to my 10" unit and am still quite pleased with it, and also quite sure I might put this tutorial to use for a quilt in the not too distant future.

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Angela said...

the block looks great with the border too! That's a fun way to do a whole quilt of these blocks.