Sunday, November 13, 2011 Good Stitches - the local connection

Last year sometime I joined do.good Stitches, it was/is another Flickr based bee but instead of participants requesting blocks to be made into a quilt for themselves the resulting quilts donated to various charities or to individuals who are going through difficult times.

Earlier this year I was given the opportunity to form part of an Australian based circle, I jumped at the chance, charity beginning at home and all that.

The second month with this new circle was my chance to design a quilt, or the second time. I had previously been given special dispensation to make this quilt for Claire after the floods in Queensland but prior to the beginning of the interbational circle all the quilters (and quilt donations) were made in the US.

I had been inspired by blocks published here, here, here and here on the Lark crafts blog and after gaining permission to trace and send the templates for various blocks I went out and bought the book, spent a lot more time than I expected would be necessary tracing them and then sent them off to my other bee mates.

I asked that all blocks be made in solids or nearly solids and that the animal blocks that finished at various sizes accoring to the templates, be sashed in primary or secondary colours to a 12.5" unfinished block.

The blocks were not 'easy', when I originally planned the quilt I thought they were paper pieced and I wasn't until I was fully committed to the theme I realised they were all cut from templates. I came to realise many of the bee mates were not so familiar with pieces of fabric that small cut with templates and embroidery or with the applique that about half the blocks included - but without fail everyone gave the challenge a try and the blocks all turned out wonderfully!! I appreciate their effort all the more with the little added challenge.

Sewing the top together was ver straight forward. The sizing borders on each of the block meant their was no need for sashing and I think the whole exercise only took about 20 minutes!

Backing was 2/3 Lizzy House Red Letter Day ducks that I found in the cupboard having bought for a steal at spotlight and a Spotlight Solid in yello mustard colour.

Quilting was 1/4 inch inside each of the frames and 14inch outside the animal blocks. This seems to have kept the whole thing stong enough without needing to sew all over everyone careful piecing.

It has been delivered to Needy Stitches and will soon been delivered to a little girl who is jest beginning her chemotherapy journey. Hopefully this will add a little brightness to a drab time.

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