Thursday, July 28, 2011

...solids at Spotlight

Have you seen the Homespun solids at Spotlight lately?

I ducked in during my lunchbreak at work yesterday to make use of a 10% off voucher and didn't find what I was looking for but did come across some solids that I picked up to complete a quick project.

And I was really pleasently surprised by the quality and what seems to be a new range of colours. And all for only $6:95 per metre locally.
The feel of them is so much better than they used to be and when I prewashed, as I do all fabric they didn't really run - even the red only gave the hot water a very pinkish tinge.

I still can't quite believe it!

Note: Colours featured Prima Homespun Crimson, Brima Homespun Bonnie Blue, Prima Homespun Apple, Prima Homespun Slate

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Anonymous said...

oh yeah spotlIght has some great bargins!! i love that place!