Tuesday, July 26, 2011

....Martha craft

The friends I see in the flesh are not crafty. In fact they, in affection, often refer to me as Nanna or Martha when dicussing my craft exploits.

But I had not, to date, crafted anything Martha Stewart designed or branded.

I got an idea from this book. The Bell Mason canning, or preserving as we call it in Australia, jars have a two part lid and allowed a pincusion to be added to the lid. I was inspired by yet another staorage option.

As the design depended on a two part lid and this American brand is the only one I know of that has it I didn't think I would be able to find any. As luck would have it, and with a little help from Google, I was able to find the jars in Australia. They are imported by The Redback Trading Company in Melbourne and I bought a few single jars from the Ruckers Hill Food Store in High Street, Northcote.

And in one evening with a few scraps and a hot glue gun I have three new storage jars.

Note: I used the 1L wide mouth, 1L regular mouth and the 500ml regular mouth bottle. The wide mouth I have found to be better for the storage of bulkier items. Small scissors don't fit in the regular bottle neck. The 500ml is great for basting pins and I am going to make another for binding clips.  

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kelly said...

Great idea !! My husband also affectionately calls me Martha !!