Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Queensland Government Flood Relief Appeal Auctions


As many of you have no doubt seen on the news or in the paper most of Queensland is currently underwater, experiencing some of the worst floods in that area in decades. While many affected towns had some warning and could take some action to prevent loss of life and property unfortunately this was not the case for all communities and many people have lost homes, property and, sadly, their lives.

 At times like these we often ask ourselves, how can I help?

While nothing can undo what has already happened support offered through appeals are designed to offer practical assistance during difficult times and re-building, figuratively or literally, in the months and years ahead.

One way to help would be to donate money to the Disaster Relief Fund set up by the Queensland Government. At the moment the appeal is unable to accept donations of physical goods.

Another is being organized by Toni from Make It Perfect. Inspired by a request from a woman in a flood affected town in Queensland she, along with her sister, is organizing auctions to be held though the online platforms (facebook, blogs) of volunteer sewers and crafters. ALL money raised from these auctions will be donated to the Disaster Relief Fund. You can help by hosting an auction yourself (more information about that is here and here) and/or by bidding on items up for auction.

Basically all items will be up for auction for a week from next Monday, you can find the links to all the auctions from the link on Toni's blog.

I will have at least one item up for auction next week so please do check back then. Please also go and check out Toni's post for more information or to sign up to host an auction of your own.

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Amy said...

Any hints as to what you will be auctioning off?