Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Maths is not my strongest point....

Lessons learnt today: When you know maths is not your strongest point don't try to calculate seam allowances when you are tired.

This month in the circle I belong to in the do. Good Stitches {a Charity Bee} we have been asked to make blocks from this tutorial to make a nautical themed block that will end up being a version of this quilt.

Tonight seemed the perfect chance to make them, fueled by some Snickerdoodle cookies and while the house guests were out for dinner with Nik (I was invited but can't eat soy, prevalent in most Japanese food. So, given Nik's limited opportunities to eat it it was a chance for him to have it) I made a start.

I have recently reorganized all the fabric (post on this to follow on another day) and was heartened when this made finding all the fabric for the centre string much easier. These came together quickly, and well too I think.

Then the maths was required. I needed to calculate the width of white fabric strip. I scratched my head, I made some notes and I decided the width I needed. I ignored the somewhat more sensible voice that said, 'cut it wider and trim it later' and even the prudent voice that said, 'do one and then check before you cut the rest'. So I cut, and sewed.  

And I didn't check the width of the finished strip before it was done, despite the persistent and now much more insistent voice suggesting I really should.

Then trimmed the corners. I even ignored the voice that said 'why is the trimming crossing over at the point, that can't be right, why don't you check the others before you do the next one?'

Instead I attached the triangles to the first, trimmed and then  measured. It was 7 inches, it should have been 7.5".

I can see some unpicking tomorrow. Sorry more sensible voice in my head, you would think after almost 30 years I would have learnt to listen to you by now.

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