Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Liebster Award

When I started this blog last year I had no real expectations about how it might grow or who I might meet over time. I had, of course, been reading other blogs and heard mention about the friends made, and how surprising that all was but if I am to be brutally honest I really thought it would be very similar to standing in the middle of a crowded shopping area and shouting your innermost thoughts.

Those that were in the immediate area and knew about you shouting might walk off and think you a little strange, those that stopped and listen might be politely indifferent, concerned about your mental health or outright amused. Most of the people in the world would have no idea at all your had been shouting out anything at all.

And I'm some ways I think that has turned out to be true. There are a lot of people, a lot of blogs and not nearly enough time in a lifetime, let alone a day to read them all or even to find them all. I certainly don't think that many people are reading what I am writing, but that is OK.

So two days ago when I took a quick break from work to check my email I was delightfully surprised to see an email from Barbara from  William George and the Gracie Jane Project had nominated me for the Liebster Award.

The award is a way to share the love ("lieben" meaning "love" in German) of blogs with less than 300 followers. So I am very thankful to Barbara for the nomination and humbled that she still pops by and to have a look what I'm up to from time to time.

In turn I get to nominate 3-5 blogs of my own. And I have to say I am hugely surprised that these blogs don't have more Followers as they are well written and endlessly inspiring.

So I nominateflowerpress
A wonderful designer of screen printed fabric and the author of an inspiring blog.

My Photo
Rachel makes the most wonderful things, and has the most cheerful tone in her posts they are always inspiring to read.

I'm cheating a little with this next one because in truth I have no idea how many people followers Anabel at Earthgirl Fabrics has, there isn't a link to that information on her blog but, again, I find her posts inspiring, well written and a joy to read (I sound like a teacher writing a school report, oops). Plus she has a great shop and ships things out so quickly.

So there you go, three more wonderful blogs you might not have known about.

Thanks again Barbara for the nomination.


Allison said...

Hello! I like your analogy of the busy shopping area. My blog is very new, and the last time I posted I had the distinct impression that I was talking into a large empty room with an echo :)
congrats on the award, you have a lovely blog

Annabel said...

Thanks for the nomination and the kind feedback Kristy! I have enjoyed reading your blog and the other blogs you have nominated!