Thursday, May 3, 2012

...the trimming of the chair

You can now vote for the winners of the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition by repinning from the Pinterest board here

I like to patchwork but I firmly believe that there are some things that shouldn't be made that way. Until recently I thought furniture fitted in that category.

But somewhere between ordering my trimmings pack and it arriving I had an idea that meant I might need to change that opinion and last weekend after a sewing day I was converted.

Meet my new patchwork chair. The chair is patchwork you understand - I don't patchwork in it.

You would have thought that upon embarking on such a chair renovation project I might take a before picture in preparation for a blog before and after profile. Before I started I would have agreed with you. During, I realised I had forgotten. After is all you get.

The 'patches' are the complete set of the trimmings I received in my Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition pack. The patchwork strips were made from the patches being trimmed to straight and squarish sizes and then some Duck Cotton added to the sides and then trimmed to 5".

The strip was made to length with an addition of a strip between each patch unit. The seat cover is made from Duck Cotton in Natural and there is also an additional layer of white cotton or another to add some bulk and coverage.

I used the existing cover pretty faithfully as a pattern as there was no real need to change the cushions of the chair.
It took about a day over the course of a weekend - with an embarrassingly large amount being devoted to working out all the notches I had made to help the insertion of the side panels on the chair back - even with the help of the pictures I had chosen to take before pulling it all apart.

As I finished putting it all together and admiring the way it fits in the room I couldn't help but think of the old credit card ad that screened in Australia several years ago

Chair - $15 from the opp shop
Trimmings - $10 from Umbrella Prints
3.5m Duck Cloth - $12 on clearance at Spotlight
Zip - $1.49
Lining - $0.50 after Spotlight Voucher
Chair - Priceless

My little secret at the end - the chair pad covering the spring under the cushion was free motion quilted with the name of my blog, Umbrella Prints and Trimmings - unfortunately the latter two were chopped off a little when the front flap was added!


Kirsten N said...

This is wonderful Kristy! And you could always do some patchwork in your patchwork chair:)

Anne said...

I love it! Now I want one too. That's my favourite ad ever and my kids think I'm mad to quote it!

Fran said...

Lovely chair!