Tuesday, May 15, 2012

...still knitting

The version of the Honey Cowl most recently cast on has so far not suffered any of the earlier technical difficulties as the numerous earlier versions.

Nevertheless it is suffering from a lack of time spent working it - I am really looking forward to having the finished product around my neck but the act of stitching it again and again is leading to a little less enjoyment.

The socks are also marching forward - I'm still not quite finished the first of the pair - the Kitchener bind off as me caught in the headlights a little but I am sure it wont be as bad as I fear when I get to it. The second sock is well under way - because of the self-striping in the yarn this one will look quite different to the first. I'm hoping to get four socks from them skein and will then end up with two pairs with two matching socks. 

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Lucy @ Charm About You said...

The sock picture is too funny!! :)