Monday, May 7, 2012 and tricks - for a good 1/4" seam

Just lately I have felt like it is becoming more difficult to get a consistent and accurate 1/4" seam on my machine with my 1/4" foot and especially without pulling and stretching my fabric out of shape. Quite frankly it was so frustrating it was turning me off sewing some things.

Looking closely I could see that the right most feed dog extended beyond the foot and the edge of the fabric and my conclusion was that this was not feeding the fabric through strongly or evenly enough.
Today I fiddled around with my foot collection and stitch choices and found a combination that gives a 1/4" seam, feeds it through well and tackles seam junctions smoothly.

Such a satisfactory afternoons stitching!

* My machine is a Brother NX 200 QE, my new piecing stitch/foot combination is 33/J

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