Friday, December 23, 2011

...Perth Bingo

I remember the strangest things. When I was a teen (early, mid, late who can remember those details?) I was at one of my grandparents Christmas get-togethers. The kind where all the cousins come. And I am not talking about the children of my aunts and uncles. My grandma understands the meaning of the term second cousin twice removed and invite them round for drinks. Last time I went this event was held in a park. I am surprised we didn't need a permit.

But I digress, one the cousins (of undetermined to my understanding level and removal status) commented that   she believed nowhere ever felt as much like 'home' as where you lived as a teen. I am not sure if I fully accept the idea but I think it has some merit. There are things about Perth, a familiarity gained through years of public transport travel that I have abut Perth I don't think I will ever have about another city.

See, what a strange thing to remember 15 years later. It popped into my head the other day when I was considering Perth Bingo.

Perth Bingo you ask? Well, I've not lived in Western Australia for about 4 years now, and some very good friends of both N and I have lived away for a little longer than that. But we all spent those teen years and a good deal of our early 20's in various parts of Perth. And there are little things that I and they miss, like the taste of a burger from that store, or the sound of the waves on Cottesloe beach and the sun setting over the water. Things that have approximations in other places but are never quite like they are at home. Because our visits home usually coincide with the others we play Perth Bingo. There are no rules, no prizes, and until this post no actual list, of things to do while in Perth. The lists is constantly changing, not the same for everyone (although some things we usually all have an do together) and often heavily weighted towards the eating

So my list for 2011/12

A Masters Iced Coffee - there is something about this brand that has not translated to any other I have had on the east coast. I couldn't describe the taste of this except to say that the others seem sweet in comparison. I have been known to buy one at the airport on arrival and request some bought home for me when I haven't made the trip.

Calico & Ivy - A fabric and yarn shop not so far from Fremantle and Cottesloe. It is a reasonably new addition to my list but I love the vibe in the shop and their stock of fabric. I've been once already this trip but I may not be the last visit before I fly home!

Alfred's - Apparenttly Matt Preston is also a fan. Alfred's is this little side of the road hamburger joint left over from the 70's. I guess it is a little similar to Harry's in Sydney. There is always a massive post of pea and ham soup on the wood stove to sip while you are waiting for your burger to be cooked. The kind where you need to dislocate your jaw to get you mouth around it and there is no need for additional chips and no room to fit them in anyway.

Cottelsoe Beach

Supa Golf - This is the coolest thing, think golf crossed with mini golf.  An approaching full size course (the holes aren't quite as long but I would say they are as challenging) with balls the size of tennis balls but made of a hard material that mimics actual gold balls. Just play early in the morning or in the evening to prevent sunburn and steer well clear of the back nine if you can.

Textile Traders - is a locally owned fabric chain store that I have posted about before. Always worth a visit!

The Junction Ice-creamery - Award winning ice cream within walking distance of my high school. Need I say more. Maybe I will, they will make the milkshakes with the ice-cream for the cones. They are delicious.

Fit Chips - I don't know that this really qualifies because it actually appeared after I moved. However the only place I have ever seen it is in the chopping centre I always went to as a teen and my friend introduced me to it. The chips are all air fried (no oil) and you get a little tub of the dipping sauce of your choice. Hmm, fit chips.

There will be more, but I can't think of them right now. I'm thinking of Fit Chips. 

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