Monday, December 12, 2011

...Holiday Cookie {recipe} Swap

Recently Kaelin posted about her Cookie Swap and, combined with the TV ads all about Christmas that are all over the TV at the moment, it has got me thinking about holiday traditions and depictions.

Last Christmas was the first Christmas EVER that I had worn flannel PJ’s to bed on Christmas Eve, cause it was the first time in the last 30 years that it was cold enough to in Australia. But that doesn't stop the TV ads that are set in Australia being depicted as happening during cool weather (not snow and ice but long sleeves at least) and the decorations we erect having a wintry theme.

But honestly, for most of Australia, during most of the Christmas season we are talking about it being insanely hot, like 35 degrees Celsius plus, so a cream or custard based eggnog is the last thing that anyone wants to drink. There is a reason that Santa is often left a cold beer or other beverage (in fact my siblings, cousins and I once got a complaint letter from Santa because the cool drink left for him had warmed at the time of his arrival).

Which I think is, in part, why the cookie swap tradition (that I had not heard of before) seemed like such a good idea, cause cookies can be an all year and all weather kind of thing.

And then I thought some more, and I thought about how this could be so versatile and wondered if a virtual online swap would work. Where the swap is recipes rather than the actual cookies.

oreos with milk
Image and recipe from here

I’m not sure if it actually is a good idea or just another of my crazy ideas, if I have enough readers to get enough participants, if people have enough time at this time of year to participate, if there is any interest - but I am going to try anyway.

So please link up below to a post with the recipe of your favourite holiday (or anytime) cookie or biscuit.


Melissa said...

What a great idea, i wanted to do a cookie post today hut didnt have a good reason!! I grew up in California so all the snowy Christmas stuff seemed out of place to me to! I will link up once I write the post :)

Kaelin said...

Just added mine! Love this idea!