Monday, December 26, 2011, wrapping and Christmas cheer

This Christmas I wanted to continue a handmade bent similar to the gift bags last year. But I didn't want to make bags again necessarily because I think that years and years of handmade bags might become as useless as using commercial wrapping paper. So what I decided to do was to make everyone a handmade item to go with anything that was bought and then use this to contain the 'gift' item or to wrap them in some tea towels I screen printed. So to the list.... Wine bottle bags using a combination of this tutorial and this one too
to wrap some some for siblings and parents.

 Ear buds pocket from this tutorial for my brother, the little ring will keep it attached on his physical endeavours.

 For Nan, a knitting needle roll from this tutorial, She is a long standing knitter and could always use more storage!

 A couple of these and one of these from Keyoku Lou's great patterns.
The art folio from Growing Up Sew Liberated

A Hexie organizer for Mum

A couple of Kindle cases for Nik, adapted from this tutorial

A reading pillowcase - I adapted the pattern to include a zipper in the back to turn it into a 'cover' rather than a 'pillow'. It will fit a standard cheap pillow and is washable. 

Some wrapping, screen printed following my class with Louise Snook and with a snowflake very loosley based on a tutorial from here   

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