Wednesday, June 29, 2011

... from blocks to a quilt top

...and back again.  Or a quilters prerogative to change her mind. 

An almost(?) completed top

I put this together awhile ago and thought the top was done. But I couldn't get around to finishing the back and sandwiching. And in the last few days I worked out why. 

I don't like the way the sashing make it look. The blocks, each different and wonderful in their own way and made by the lovely ladies in Bee Seam Piecing Downunder, don't pop in this layout. The sashing takes away from the massively. 

So I have ripped all the seams out and and back to blocks (with a little sashing on the edge ones) and have some more decisions to make. 

The plan when I decided to make changes was to sew all the blocks together without sashing and to use the sashing (plus a few extra squares for a 3 square deep border.

And then as I was pressing all the blocks again last night I wondered about a Kona Coal border /sashing around each of the blocks to frame them and then attach the border. 

Decisions ....decisions

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

i think you should do the solid boarder around all of the blocks to give them a frame and then there is a bit of space between the blocks and the boarder!

fiatcat said...

definitely the kona coal border !!!!!!!!

alioop said...

I agree that the kona coal border and sashing will make the blocks pop. At the moment they tend to blend together. Hope this helps