Tuesday, June 28, 2011

...3x6 Bee blocks

Thanks to everyone about their supportive feedback from yesterday. I have really appreciated all the comments and I am so glad the quilt is well received. 

The second bee blocks of June ... for the 3x6 Bee - although this is a little cheating because I finished them in May but couldn't get them photographed, packaged and mailed until a few weeks ago and blogged until now.
For Beehive 25 - 2nd Quarter 2011
I chose to make these from a pattern in the 100 Quilt Block magazine. There are from the Third volume and were designed by Gerri Robinson from plantedseedsdesigns.com. 

All in all I made 8, the six for my bee members, one for me and one extra because I misread the spreadsheet.

And all of that added up to 64 HST, 64 flying geese units and a few extra small squares and rectangles. I think they look pretty good and I hope my bee members appreacite theirs when they get to see them in person soon which should not be too long as they have stared arrive. This bee is going through a few  changes at the moment meaning the next round is a few weeks away but I am looking forward to the next round!

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