Sunday, June 26, 2011

...for Nan

My  Mum and Nan came to visit a few weeks ago for the night and we sat on the couch in the evening, Mum knitting some socks for me (still waiting on them Mum),  Nan knitting a blanket for a great-grandchild, me quilting my Bakeshop project and Nik looking like he wished he was anywhere else (or wondering how he ended up in the 19th century).

On their return home I realised Nan had left her knee rug behind and sent it back to her with the idea I would also get to sewing her a lap quilt not too far in the future.

This quilt ís the result. It was made, in the majority, in one weekend including the hand quilting. Small quilts are good like that. In fact the thing that took the most time was getting it photographed before posting, including washing it after I dropped it in dirt and almost falling in the lake when I finally got thd pictures I was after.

All the fabric is the Spotlight Picnics and Fairgrounds and the solid is Homespun in 'Sand', also from Spotlight.

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