Monday, February 28, 2011

Of hand sewing and quilting

In the past I have posted about my frustration and dislike of hand sewing.

And for the exception that proves the rule I have done a lot (for me) of it in the last week and am planning a lot more this week. And I have been enjoying it!
The petals on the Doll Quilt are almost all sewn down, and the hand quilting is up next. I had a great time chooseing the thread colours on the weekend.
I also need to sew down the binding on this quilt. I pieced the top in April last year, basted it in September and quilted it a month or so ago. It has been a great couch quilt while it has waitied to have the binding sewn.
I think I have (finally) chosen the final border for the BSPDU quilt so as soon as this is on that will be basted and hand quilted. I got some more perle cotton coulours on the weekend for that purpose as well.
Embroiding the labels for the back is also on the list.
I can see a more social sewing week in my house. Not so much time shut away at the machine and more in the living areas of the house.

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CarlyMaria said...

The labels are amazing! I am definitely using that idea to label my quilts. (also, I just used that yellow bird fabric in a quilt, it is so cute!)