Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Of Goals, Lists and Plans

I'm a planner, and a list maker and I guess that means that I set goals for myself.

The problem I frequently run into is that I am not very good at estimating the time it will take to complete most of the tasks on my list or I forget to plan time at all meaning I have almost literally hundreds of thing I want to do in a day on the list, and get a little stressed when they aren't done because the list says they should be. And as soon as something makes it on the list it is something that must be done.

And at the end of the day there are more things that I want and/or need to get done or to try than I could ever get done even if I gave up sleeping, doing anything that wasn't sewing and could be a lady of leisure. Sorry, woman of leisure, I'm not very lady-like.

None of these will happen. Instead the situation I have is many, many projects in various stages of completeness and materials for other unstarted projects that I saw and just had to do/try and so left the other behind, incomplete. And a much messier house than I used to keep.

So I'm making some belated new year plans, in time frames that I hope are much more realistic for me. The first thing I want to do if finished all the projects I have started. The ones that are cut out or sewn, at least a little. Then I want to move on to the others that I have all the materials for and a plan but haven;t actually started. There are a lot of clothes in this list.

Then, and only then, am I going to allow myself to start something new (or to buy something to start something new).

And when I do I understand I am not a one project at a time kind of a person but I am going to stick to my 8 on-the-go project tubs. If I don't have one spare I have to finish something before I start another.

But you can't turn of inspiration - so I am adding a new list to the RHS of the blog. I'll add to it when I have a new idea and then I can sit on the idea for awhile before going and getting everything to execute it. And I might decide I actually don't want to do it after all.

Sound a plan?

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julie said...

Plans! what are they? tried all this, I'm more happier in my sewing room jumping from project to project. It keeps me from getting bored.
Seriously Kristy, your quilt arrived to me to-day and can I say 'it is beautiful!'. The fabrics are just gorgeous, the double gauze is so soft. It is more beautiful than the photos showed. I know this will be loved by whoever I pass it on to. Thank you so much for donating this to the cause.