Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hotel Sewing...more hexagons

Being back in Sydney this week has meant the third hotel in as many weeks. Perhaps this should be re badged as a travel blog?

Hotels, of course mean more of the Matilda's Own Hotel Hand-sewing project.

The past few weeks being what they have been for me has of course meant the batteries in my camera have gone flat and I can's show you the three I have made this week.

Instead, I have gone searching for the three template sets I am missing from the (now known to be) set of five.

And since I am without a car and working on my finishing up to do list like crazy this has only been on the Internet.

I have found the three missing are,
The Curved Star
 The Whirligig
and The Pinwheel

As it turns out I have had trouble finding them, except on the Matilda's Own site, which does not have a shop function. I have printed out the stockist list of the stores near my new home but I fear they may not have them in stock. Hopefully disproving this fear is a job for this weekend!

Have you seem them? Especially anywhere in the SE suburbs of Melbourne?

* Ok, apparently there are more, a whole new range of sets out for 2010/2011. Obviously some more investigation is needed.

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