Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bee [a little bit] Japanese - October Block

For her month in the Bee (a little bit) Japanese Natalie asked for some MONSTER blocks. She was looking for blocks 11inches high and anywhere from 24-36 inches long to make a forest inspired by this.

She sent out a bundle of fabric in green and brown tones and then a huge strip of Quilters Muslin for the background.

With all the moving and things I sat on this bundle for awhile. I think the size was a little off putting when I was looking for a project to do after work, as I really like to make blocks in one sitting. I find it just helps them to flow together better. 

In then end I just started making little improvised trees. The trunks were pieced into the bottom section of the muslin and the treetops raw edge appliqued onto the top. I loved the idea of leaving the edges raw to represent the wispiness of the edge of a tree, even though I am not usually a fan of raw edge applique generally.  
Some smaller trees on the hills off in the distance.
A plantation area where they all in a row.
Paper pieced hexagons and a branch calling out for some tree climbing.
After a while of putting these together I realised I was leaning very heavily to the muted, olive greens in the bundle rather than the bright ones. I mix them in at the end I felt would make them stand out too much so i kept going with my colour theme. After a bit more cutting and stitching I realised the colours, if not the shape of the trees were very Australian.
A fox hiding in the bushes.

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