Monday, September 13, 2010

What I'm supposed to be doing...and what I am doing.

I'm supposed to be tidying, culling even (if I am brave) starting with the fabric cupboard.

Tidying the craft supplies strewn all over the house and hoping, wishing and praying that the new house has a dedicated sewing space (caution to the wind: that there in fact, is, a new house).

But instead I went to get a few fat quarters for my do. Good Stitches {a Charity Bee} blocks and came home with this.

The next day I went back to the fabric store with my partner  to get the backing for the blue and white quilt and came back with that and also this

But don't you just love the selvedges?

I'll really miss my LQS.

In my defence I also weeded the garden, planted out all the plants that we had in pots and washed the pots out for the movers, filed a years worth of filing in the study and did my tax.

I also started quilting the Happy Camper picnic rug, one of the three six unquilted tops I found. I am trying to get some of them quilted, basted or at least the batting cut to size for them in the hope these can be packed in the WIP boxes and I won't have to try to have the batting roll packed and sealed for transport.

But a pledge - no more fabric until after I have moved! I have some recommendations for Melbourne stores (let me know if you have any too) and want to be able to go shopping when I get there. I'll stand fast....except maybe on the 23rd when the sale starts...

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Sally said...

O... tough pledge. Yep those selvages are too lovely in themselves. Oh I love fabric so much... sometime I love it so much I'm almost too afraid to cut into it to make something! Insane.