Monday, September 6, 2010

A Set Back and A Completed Project

So I was on my way home from work last Thursday. And it was a bit later than usual as I had had a busy day and was looking forward to getting home and completing the Icecream dress from Oliver+S I had started earlier in the week. I had been a bit delayed by running out the of colour match cotton I needed and, as the dress has a fair amount of top stitching, I really thought I should match up the colours rather than make do.

But, as is often the case, that best laid plans oft go arwy. In this case when another driver thought that the give way sign did not apply to him and he drove straight out in front of me. And then, after checking I wasn't hurt, drove away again without giving me any of his details.

Needless to say I was severly unimpressed with him, but extremely greatful to the lovely woman that had been driving along and stopped to help, and gave me a jacket to keep me warm while we waited for the police.

So, I was even later home than I had planned, didn't finish the dress that night and spent most of my time on Friday trying to organize to get the car fixed, especially in time for the move. None if which is sewing, and that made me cranky.

But I did get to finish it Saturday and that made me happy. As did the dress itself. It came together really well (why is it that when I sew children's clothes everything matches up right but not when I make things for myself ... I have some ideas, but that, I think, is another post) and the instructions were easy to follow.

My only slight disappointment is that the plain fabric does not stand out as much as I hoped. I did not want a total contrast but I think that some, particulary the top of the pockets, disppears into the main fabric of the dresss. Something to consider next time.

Next project on the list.... basting and quilting 3 more unfnished quilts.

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