Sunday, January 13, 2013

...joining in and hoping to Finish-a-long

Making things, and quilts especially is not usually a quick process. But it seems that when it comes to being inspired and starting something new I frequently forget that.

And all those unfinished projects sure can spread all over your house! In the grand scheme of things this is not such a big problem to have but the number of things I have on the go was sure bought home to me when I was packing and cleaning  the house before we went to Perth at Christmas. I swear there was a half sewn something in almost every room of the house, and they weren't things I was no longer interested in finishing either.

I made a mental note to try to get them sorted in some kind of order (and mostly stored in the sewing room) and then went on holiday.

Then last week, via Nicolette, I came across the Finish-A-Long and I made a list. To me, it is frightening. There is a whole lot of time, energy and money invested in that list with not a whole lot to show for it.

I've updated that WIP and plans list on the right hand side and set myself some goals to get some things finished. I have really tried to make this achievable without falling into my familiar trap of underestimating the time it will take to finish things, and without rushing. I want to enjoy finishing these things, not looking at them like they are a chore. And I'm not limiting myself to only these projects but I would like not to start anything else (except a couple of special quilts that need to be done soon and maybe some garments).

1. Quilt and bind the Scrappy Stars Quilt (hand quilting currently in progress)
2. Quilt and bind my Bee a Little Bit Japanese Quilt (hand quilting in progress)
3. Baste, quilt and bind the Valentines Swoon
4. Finish the Weekender Bags
5. Finish quilting the baby pinwheel quilt
6. Finish the DS Quilts FMQ sample quilt.
7. Baste, quilt and bind the 'Spring, Just Because' quilt


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

All those quilts are seriously fabulous!! That should be a good motivator to get them done ;) I can't wait to see the Scrappy Stars finished!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...
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Sew Shells said...

I did mine by month, and without pics. At least you put up pics.LOL.