Sunday, January 6, 2013


N and I are just back from our pretty much annual trip to WA visiting our families for the Christmas and New Year period. It also gives us a chance to catch up with friends that live here and others that have also moved away and are back for the same holiday period to visit their families.
All in all that makes for a really enjoyable but busy time. Those of you that follow me on instagram may have noticed #PerthBingo posts popping up. Basically it is a very informal activity that those of us returning to Perth play (with no winners or prizes and little to no rules) and involves visiting or doing things we miss from Perth. There are quite a few overlapping activities and some unique to the player (I know my friend J has no interest at all in Calico & Ivy!)

Home now though and back to work tomorrow. But be on then lookout for some posts that I have had written in my head for a few weeks!

Happy New Year!

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Anne said...

Two things made me smile, Masters Iced coffee and Dome, oh and the beach too! It's far too longs since we've been back to Perth, it must be on our to do list for this year!