Sunday, May 22, 2011

... this hypothetical quilt may become reality.

Since I moved to Melbourne I have been thinking about taking a quilting class but have yet to find a curriculum that grabs me.

And as so often happens I stumbled across two things in close enough proximity that I thought...maybe?

Image from Ballarat Patchwork

This quilt is the content of a of a one day class at Ballarat Patchwork in August. Could a day trip to the country, maybe on the train be fun?

I love the idea of making it in a stack of colours a little like this, with the solid maybe being Bella Solids Feather?  
Image from Fabricworm
So I am wondering, have you ever taken a class? How was it? Did you learn anything? Was it fun? What is a train trip to Ballarat like? Any ideas about how I would get from the train station to the train and back again?

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Linni said...

Haven't taken a class at Ballarat Patchwork but have elsewhere. Some have been great, learn something new and enjoyed the company. One horror story of being in a class with a very loud mother and daughter combo who fought about everything and tried to get whole class to join in their argument. Was disappointed afterwards when I complained to have the shop owner state they did it often but she had never called them on it. I never went back again.
The train trip to Ballarat isn't bad, not sure where in Melb you are, its about an hour and a half I think from Southern Cross Station.