Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fabric and this = a cool quilt

In the fast few weeks an uncomfortable realisation has dawned on me and taken hold in my brain, despite my fervent wishing that it wouldn't. That it simply wasn't true. But it is,  I know it is and there simply isn't anything I can do about it. 

I do feel a little silly lamenting on it in such dramatic fashion because there are so many other more serious things to worry about in the world but make me sad it does.

And this truth? I will never be able to make all the quilts I want to or design in my mind each day. I'll never try all the techniques and crafts that interest me and I will certainly never master even of the fraction of the ones I do. Not even if I learn to live forever and stop eating, sleeping, cooking, cleaning, working, talking to other people, living life basically.

None of which I am going to do by the way. And that is to say nothing about the cost of all that fabric and batting and thread (and that is just the one craft).

So I have put my mind to how I might reconcile myself with this truth. 

And this is what I have come up with. Every now and again, mostly when I have the pictures, time and inclination all at the same time I'll post a little inspiration, a virtual quilt. With a focus on published or publicly available patterns in case anyone has more time than I do and can turn it into a real quilt. 

Depending on the inspiration I might talk about the fabric, how I imagine I would quilt it and even the size or use I imagine for it. In short all the things I would do when making a real quilt except for the cutting and sewing. 

So without further ado my first virtual quilt. 

The Porthole

When I saw this pattern in Quilts Made Modern that I got on sale recently from Spotlight  

I could help but think of it made in this fabric from Robert Kaufman. 
Urban Zoologie by Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman
image collated from Robert Kaufman
I would use the whales as the circles, a dark grey as the outlines and then different Poseidon Kona colour solids as the backgrounds from the colours in the whales. I would hand quilt it in perle cotton and echo each of the circles to reflect a ripple on the waters surface.  

I think it would make a great quilt for a young boy or girl or in the a summer holiday house on the bunk beds. A slightly different colourway for each of the brothers, sisters or cousins...

NB: I have spotted the fabric still available at The Oz Material Girls and Funky Fabrix in Australia.

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fiatcat said...

oh....just gorgeous. Don't let this one sit in 'dream land'... you have to make it with all that thought and consideration gone into it !!!! Perfect colour scheme and love the idea of it being quilted in the way you described ! X