Monday, April 11, 2011

Of doll quilts - A wonderful end to the week

I had a very ordinary week at work last week.Why is it that when you have lots to do but a plan to get it done with little room for movement that is exactly when the crisis always happens?

So by the time I had it home on Friday afternoon I was tired. At least I think it was Friday, the days all burred into one.

But my week was brightened when I got home to find my Doll Quilt waiting for me from DQS10! The information included in the partner email indicated I liked traditional designs with a modern twist and I think she really paid respect to that!
 How lucky am I? I am still trying to work out the perfect place to display it but having it off the wall means I can pick it up and admire it more often!
Thanks Lisa (Lisajanlovestoquilt)

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