Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fabric Shopping - Bali style

When I was in Bali recently I had a pretty minimal shopping list. Some Bali coffee and some batik tools.

I first learnt to batik in craft class at school and then developed them further when I was on exchange in an Indonesian school when I was fifteen. In the last year or so I have really been wanting to give it another try.

I already had a couple of  tjanting tools but I also wanted some with different sized tips and some stamps. I failed on the stamps but I did get the tools.

Also for good measure and because I am never likely to have the skill to make some of these designs I got some completed batik. These first three are from the markets in Ubud and are actually sarongs but are 100% cotton in a weight that approximates quilting weight and equal about two yards worth each.

 I also went to a standard local fabric store in the capital Denpasar.The journey there was interesting - we knew we were heading into the 'non-touristy' areas when all the billboards ceased to be printed in English and I was please to realise that I could still translate the majority of them. All those years in Indonesian class seem not to have been in vein!

I was able to stock up on 2-3 yards of each of the batik stamped fabrics below for about $3 per yard as well as 5 yards of linen with a great drape for the same price per yard.

All in all I would call that a successful fabric trip.

Although I am not at all sure what it will all become...


Lisa said...

Love the batiks! And linen is never wasted is it. I had some stamps but lost them in a move, I have no idea what happened to them. The only Indonesian I remember from High school is 'Ayam ini murah' which I believe translates as 'This chicken is cheap'. Handy, no?

fiatcat said...

Great fabrics !!