Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Colette Patterns - Cinnamon Slip dress

With Christmas coming there is a lot of crafty sewing going on and at the moment and it is of the secret kind so I can't share most of it here yet.

In the meantime I can share some garment sewing that I am also spending sometime on.

The first things I want to say are that, although I enjoy garment sewing, and clothes were how I learnt to sew, I can't seem to have much success in adult garments. Kids clothes are fine. When sewing clothes for adults, especially women, I find the seams don't match, the fit is not at described (either way too big and rarely too small) and I'm generally disappointed with the result. It is part of the reason it has taken me so long to finish one of the Colette Patterns I have started. I didn't want to be disappointed.

On Sunday I finally did finish one and I was really happy with the result, no disappointment here!

As I mentioned on Friday the plan was a Cinnamon slip in Anna Maria Voile.

I duly traced out the pattern onto lightweight interfacing, cut out the fabric and started sewing. I started the sewing after dinner and it was done by bedtime. Yay!

The pattern instructions are clear, despite me being a little tired there were no head scratching, forehead scrunching moments and the seams all matched.

As almost all the pieces were cut on the bias there were some handy tips on allowing some movement in the seams for wearing and to prevent stretching and puckering when sewing. Most of the seams were sewn with a very narrow zigzag stitch. This is the top stitching on the bodice band.
The straps are woven through panels on the front and attached at the back making some bust adjustment possible in the wearing.
All in all I'm very happy. It is comfortable to sleep in, versatile enough to actually be a slip, or a light summer dress or a more fancy evening dress in the right fabric I suspect.
I am so enthused I've made a start on the next one... the Macaroon is on the way.

The Cinnamon pattern is avaliable here.


Sarai said...

Yay, I'm so glad you enjoyed the pattern, and the end product looks lovely!

elise said...

Perfection ! I think I'll try this one after doing the parfait pattern I just sent for. You inspired me.