Friday, November 5, 2010

Double Wedding Ring Progress (or procrastination)

Remember awhile ago I said I was going to make a Double Wedding Ring quilt for my brother and his fiancee to celebrate their wedding at the end of November this year?

Well it is the beginning and all the fabric is still in the project tub. So a few nights ago I took a deep breath, swallowed and took the tub down from the shelf.

I seriously doubt it is going to be finished in time for the wedding but I’d like to have the top done and be able to meet them at the airport in Melbourne during their stopover on their way back from their honeymoon with the completed quilt.

My first step has been to prepare to cut the fabric, and I actually did this ages ago. Although I have decided to cut the fabric and piece using the Matilda’s Own template I wanted to put some sample arcs together to see how I would positions each of the prints in the arcs.

And so as not to have to make heaps of arcs and waste a whole lot of fabric I printed a whole lot of copies of the Free Spirit paper piecing template in a smaller size and stuck the smaller squares on in various patterns.
I still can’t really decide. Here is a close up of each of the options.

These are the only two samples I made up without pink in it, which is a plus, but I'm not so keen on the amount of brown.

And I like this one with all spots, but I wanted it each arc piece and corner square to be different and this requires two prints to feature twice. And it might mean a few too many spots.

I think I may just have to take the plunge and decide and CUT. I have been working hard this week finishing some project I have on the go that have been taking up some space on my table so I can cut and start to piece some arcs this weekend. I would like to have enough done to take some to some LQS on the weekend and choose a solid colour for the centres and melons (I'm thinking a light grey or a beige).

Any opinions on the layout?

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