Sunday, June 3, 2012 a bind

In most cases I decide on the backing and binding I am going to use for a quilt at the time I choose the rest of the fabric - at the very latest these decisions are almost always made at the time the top is completed.

When I am feeling organised I make the binding at this point so I have it ready when I finish the quilting. My problem is that I often get stalled at the idea of the basting phase and right now I have a pile of binding waiting for a finished quilt.

From left to right there are the bindings for the quilted quilts - the basted quilts - the finished tops - a not yet pieced top.


Sally said...

Lovely lovely lovely. It is all so lovely... will be even more so when all sewn binding a quilt together.

Lisa S at Sunset Seams said...

Do you use one of those bias binding gadgets? I've bought a couple, but haven't tried them yet. Do you prefer your binding to be roughly the same width for all quilts?