Sunday, September 18, 2011

...Travels in your local land

As I sat waiting for my flight home from Brisbane Friday night I realised that of the six states and two mainland territories in Australia I have now visited them all bar one state (Tasmania) and one territory (Northern Territory). Of the ones I have been to I've lived in three, and I feel pretty comfortable in the ACT, as I have visited lots.

As for the other two I've driven right across South Australia but not actually gone to Adelaide, or the Barossa Valley or any other the other "tourist" areas so while I might have seen more than most it still sort of feels that I haven't really been there. As for Queensland, I think I spent the majority of this week within one square kilometre in the centre of Brisbane plus the train trip to and from the airport.
Art in a Mall in Brisbane. The caption mentions pixels in photography but I think it looks like a random postage stamp quilt.  

There is certainly much, much more to see and many more places I could visit. I have been reminded of some family that lived on the next farm when I was young. Every few years they went on huge extended driving holidays, including once right up Cape York in far North Queensland. The theory, as I remember is being said, is that they wanted their children to see every state of Australia before they went overseas. I feel like I'm kind of close to that goal, yet further away.

What is it about us that travel to far off locations instead of around the corner? So tell me, where in your local land would you like to visit?

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